Proactive customer support resolutions

Fini collects, categorizes, and proactively resolves customer support issues - reducing contact rate by upto 30%

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Simplify your customer interactions

Our platform uses NLP and automation to identify and resolve customer problems, before support is involved.

  • Automated

    Don't spend manual effort analyzing customer tickets - Fini automatically categorizes customer requests into topics pre-defined by you, and auto-resolves them where possible

  • All-inclusive

    Understand what your customers are talking about split across issue topics in a single dashboard - without expensive engineers or analysts building tools from scratch

  • Global

    Fini is language agnostic, helping you serve your global clients across 100+ languages 

Enrich customer profiles and enable proactive support across channels

Let your customers connect with you on the channel they love - let Fini deal with the complexity of enriching customer profiles, running proactive actioning, and collecting automations across your organization to a single source.


Categorize and auto-resolve issues

Improve daily productivity by automating repetitive manual workloads, such as tagging, routing and forwarding requests between teams and systems. 

Our ML models identify the exact customer issue, and route them to the most effective resolution for a better customer experience.


Pinpoint emerging customer pain points

Get a precise measure on what types of issues customers have with your products.

With our insights toolbox you will be alerted to emerging issue trends and anomalies, and will be able to launch automation campaigns to prevent churn in real-time.


Discover how to drive real-time proactive resolutions

Meet our team!

  • Whatsapp image 2022 05 31 at 10.31.48 am
    Deepak Singla

    Deepak is an ex-Uber Product Manager who wants to help CS Product teams be the center of decision making

  • 1640267117405
    Hakim Khalafi

    Hakim is an ex-Uber Engineering Manager who is passionate about improving Customer Experience across all enterprises

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